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The Freedom will be my 30th cruise with Royal Caribbean. I only have one 3 day cruise. I did get credit for a cruise even though it was only 3 days. If you book a suite you get credit for 2 cruises. I never book a suite because I could almost go on a back to back for the same amount. I met a lady from California that had over 180 cruises. She has the most, but there are a few close behind her. We have friends that have 136 cruises. They do back to back cruises 3 times a year. Sometimes in a suite so they get another credit. I don't think a travel agent gets a credit for lookink at a ship. I was on the Freedom in May for a free two night cruise and didn't get a credit for that. No complaints here, I was thankful for the free cruise . My first cruise was on a Carnival ship in 1993. In 1997 my second cruise was on NCCL. The same year I tried Royal Caribbean and never has a desire to sail on any other cruise line. Sorry, didn't mean to tell you my life's story...