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Originally posted by mizom58:
Thanks Mere

I have a few questions I hope you can answer since you took this cruise: When we get to Bermuda, do we plan on spending a day at the beach, if so, how should we dress? Is there somewhere to change into bathing suits, do we need beach towels, how far from the ship are we traveling to get to different sites on the island? Are there any must see, must do, that you recommend?
Are there any formal nights on the ship? Do you recommend any particular restaurants on the ship? Also, is it advantageous to purchase the wine package prior to cruising? I believe there are pkgs starting at around $125 for five bottles, and up.
We're on level four, middle of ship, window no port.
Thanks again!
Well, let me try to answer your questions...
The day we went to the beach we went with our swimsuits on, under beach coverup. We rode the bus to Elbow Beach which had a snack bar and bathrooms, it is a popular beach spot for tourists and locals, can't remember how long the bus ride was from Hamilton but it is fun to just ride the bus and see the island. You do need to take your beach towels from the ship, you can take the ones the cruise ship gives you in your room, just remember to bring them back. You do not need to waste space in your luggage with your own towels. This cruise has 2 formal nights which is standard, I think, on 7 night cruises. You can check the RCCL website for all the details on the dress code, click on Before you Board. We are not big drinkers so we have never purchased the wine package, I guess it depend on how much wine you drink. Someone else on the site might be able to tell you how much a bottle or glass costs at dinner. We ate in the dining room all night except for one. We did the Murder Mystery Dinner on night which started in the lounge for "the murder" and then you have dinner at Portofinos and "solve" the murder (I was wrong with my suspect and did not figure it out) It was a blast and the food was AWESOME at Portofino's. If there is no mystery night I would suggest to go there at least one night. It will cost you $20 more per person to go and the Mystery Dinner was more, I think $55 a couple, but it was worth it. As for the island of Bermuda, we really did not do any tours on this trip. We took the bus around the island, walked and shopped around Hamilton. It is easy to get around. I would recommend going to the Bermuda Perfume Factory which is just a little old house/factory but I love the perfume I bought. I am running low, so I have to get my husband to take me back to Bermuda to get more (don't tell him I can buy it on the internet!)
I would get a book on Bermuda and read up, that is what I did, I was well prepared before we got there and knew the things I wanted to see. Hope that helps! I will try to answer any other questions if you have them.