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Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention in the book I wrote previously (you didn't think there was anything I could have forgotten, huh?!) ;-)

My husband really wanted to climb The Leaning Tower of Pisa. By the time we got around to purchasing tickets online, it was too late. You have to purchase at least 16 days in advance--we were at 2 weeks. I had read how crowded all these attractions got and if you didn't have tickets in advance, you'd wait forever, but Paolo took us there first thing on our day with him. We arrived in Pisa at about 8:40 and there were plenty of tickets left to make the climb at 9:00. IF this is something you both want to do, you may want to make Pisa your first stop on this day. It will also be cooler while you're climbing the 352 steps to the top! :-)