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I almost forgot one of my favorite things at the southern carib islands. They almost all have their own brand of beer. In St. Lucia it's Piton beer, named after the mountain formations. It was my favorite so far. They also have their own in Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten and I may have left some out. They were all different and I enjoyed each one. Gonna have to find an importer for the Piton brand, would like a few bottles of it in my frige.

In St. Maarten I didn't have change, only big bills and the vendor gave me a bottle and said "If you get some change come back, if not don't worry about it. Welcome to our island!" I was beyond shocked and get some change to pay him. I ended up sitting with him at his little table under his oversized umbrella while my wife shopped. Had a great visit and when I go back I'm going looking for my island beer man again. I'd rather hang out with a cold beer and swap jokes and stories than shop any day!

Cheers, Neil