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Very good post Dave. I couldn't agree more. I remember a post on here a while back that was advertising free air from anywhere in the world with any cruise. Turned out, as we all knew it would, it was a scam. Most "come on" marketing is not a scam but a way to get you to call. If they get the phone to ring from whatever silly promo they run the marketing was effective. I've had numerous calls regarding the couon book and my agency is not even the one offering them, so it is effective. That doesn't mean its worth anything, just means whover came up with the marketing campaign did their job well. You could put "Go to Burger King and buy a Whopper, get one free" coupons in your cruise marketing and be legal advertising as coupons for free when you book a cruise. Whether such advertising is ethical is another story. I'm with Dave on this one. Gimmicks won't get me to dial your phone if I need my house painted, an electrician, a car or a cruise. I sometimes pay more for things than others do but have no regrets about it. I deal with folks I trust. If I don't know such a person and need a service I go with how they treat me on the phone or in person. I'll pay a little more to avoid situations where I have to read the fine print on a promotion.

Cheers, Neil