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Ok thanks to you now I know something new,
At first I did not understand why you were talking about Lobsters farms,
I didn't know you can grew lobsters, since lobsters in the Caribbean live on the sea,
we not usually have farms to grew them so I guess the lobster you use to eat on cruises is
Is what they call “Fresh Water Lobster" now I can understand why they are smaller and the taste,

But the spiny lobster is not cheaper than the “fresh water lobster”
Actually prices goes as this prices at the moment;

Spiny Lobster average Price: $36

Fresh water average price: $ 25

So you know there are a few problems with the spiny lobster:

• They live on sea and you cannot grow them on farm, you have to catch them. Cuba had been experimenting with them and, at the moment, is the only island that had transplanted them to a place where they don’t have natural enemies giving them a great number on their population but, this number is not good enough to drop down the prices.

• Since they are a protected species and for quite a time had been on extinctions levels, you can only catch lobsters if they are on a certain number of pounds, and a fully grown adult lobster. if they are less than this number you have to release them to sea, so as you see depending on the season you can only found a limited number of adult spiny lobsters to catch and sell for food.

• If you visit the Caribbean you can find the two kinds of lobsters, but our restaurants will always charge you more for the spiny lobster, and prices may vary depending on the season. In most cases, the local restaurants normally will serve you the spiny lobster fresh and the frozen “fresh water” lobsters just for the off season time.

If you ever visit Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico, please remember that our spiny lobster is always fresh catch from sea, but the “fresh water” lobster is not, we have to buy it from Florida or other jurisdiction from USA.
I even know a few restaurants on Puerto Rico that you can see the lobster alive before they prepared it for you and you can choose which one you will want.
If you visit our island, ask for “Asopao de Langosta” or “mofongo relleno de Langosta”
You will love it!!!