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OK so you all had a WONDERFUL time on the Holiday.... I GET IT!!! I didn't.

I'm 39 and this was my 4th cruise, while it seems that most of you have at least 10-15+ cruises under your belt, which would indicate to me that you are of a different age group and are used to the older ships accomodations. This could explain our expectations, most things built/ made in 1985 are now obsolete (phones, cars, etc). I had a blast on every other cruise, the lack of being able to sleep cool and eat decent food was this trip's downfall. I know the ship is old, but is that an excuse for us sweating the whole time we were in our staterooms? Did any of you stop to think that Carnival may have stopped dumping money into this ship, b/c after all it is sold, so the mechanics/ plumbing/ HVAC/ food choices may have been placed on the counter behind the stove (not even on the back burner)?

I only mentioned that I was in the medical field and had no affiliation b/c it seemed that most of the responders were employed by travel agencies or Carnival, dare I infringe. It was not a brag or to give a medical "opinion".

I booked through Costco b/c I'm a member and got a great deal.

I'm not trying to attack any of you. I would appreciate that same sentiment.