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I was in PV on August 8 and we did the Canopy Tour through Carnival, which used this company:

Our group ranged from 10 years to 45 years, and everyone had a wonderful time. My kids are 15 and 17 and it was their favorite part of their trip. Although there are also "extreme" canopy tours, no one on our tour was disappointed, and in comparison our tour had more lines and the lines were much longer. The "extreme" tours are just higher. (Believe me, our lines were PLENTY high, haha)

That said, I was scared out of my mind and did NOT have fun, but I was the only one out of 15 people who was scared, so that should tell you something. Besides that I am a big baby.

We also swam with the dolphins in Cabo, and I'm sure it's a very similar experience to the one in PV. This was great and a lot of fun (and not scary, lol), but I think overall for you I would recommend the canopy tour, for sure.
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