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Papa55, Atlantis is right across the bridge from where you dock. Take the cab and NOT the water taxi. The water taxi is less expensive, but they pack way too many people on board. There are different packages you can purchase at Atlantis, or you can just walk around some of the grounds for free. The beach next to Atlantis is Cabbage Beach, and it is free. Your granddaughter will like everything. There is an aquarium that you can walk through, but the grounds themselves are just amazing. They do have a website, here it is if you'd like to look around.

Jerome, there is a great beach in Tortola. It's on the west side of the island. Just ask one of the local cab drivers to take you to the beach near where Jimmy Buffet wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise, and they can take you there. There is also a restaurant on the north side of the island where the Caribbean and Atlantic meet. You can actually see a line in the water, it's really quite beautiful. I didn't get to see as much of Antigua as I would have like to, my hubby had one too many rum punches on our snorkel trip. Anyway, Scott Taylor and his wife went to Pineapple Beach. It was an all-inclusive and they really enjoyed it. He said the beach was beautiful and the drinks were plentiful. Right where you dock is a shopping area. There is a cathedral in St. John's (the capital), and a harbor where the yachts go (can't remember the name), but they have some great shops there as well. We snorkeled there, but the water was too full of jelly fish for me to enjoy it. It was crystal clear water, great visibility, but I don't like trying to manuever through jelly fish-they hurt. We were there in October, so it might have just been the time of the year, I don't know. Oh, there are the Baths in Virgin Gorda which is across the bridge from Tortola. I think it's about a 30 minute ride.