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So, you are arriving in Miami two days early? Tommorow?

Well, you could hang-out on South Miami Beach, if you like the trendy "in-crowd" scene.

You could visit the usuall tourist spots:[LIST]
  • Miami Seaquarium
  • Miami-Dade Metro Zoo
  • Parrot Jungle
  • Monkey Jungle

    I will go to Miami in November on my cruise. I will leave a couple of days early. One of the spots I will visit is "Coral Castle". I was born and raised in Miami, and visited Coral Castle when I was very young and have only the most vague memories of the place. Anyway, it was built by this small man who immigrated from Latvia. He built it all alone, in memory of his lost love. Scientists and engineers don't know how he did it. He claimed he knew the secrets of how the pyramids were built. Some claimed he had magical powers to move coral weighing tons, all by himself. Coral Castle is on the Registry of Historical Places. They also call it the Americas Stonehedge. It is a long drive south of Miami, However; down in Homestead, FL (about 35 miles south of Miami). But it is right off of US1, visible from the highway.