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Originally posted by matkanmich:
Those reasons sound like a company line to me. On my Honeymoon cruise (1994 on another cruise line) we got to San Juan at a regular time like any other port. As I have watched cruises expand over the years the San Juan stop has become a joke. I believe the cruise industry needs to take more of a stand against this. This is not some foreign country. Royal Caribbean and other lines should be able to negotiate a better time. Take the stop away for a while and see if they change their tune.
There is only a limited amount of time in an itinerary for a ship to travel between ports and the difference in that travel time is your port time. Ever been on a ship that just sat at sea waiting for a slip? Me either, they coordinate a lot of things in creating the itineraries and cannot adjust the schedule for what is more convenient for someone on the ship. If someone does not like the port time, pick a different ship and different ports. You'll get more port time doing Western Caribbean, it's closer. Want more time in SJ? Fly there and spend a couple of days before boarding a ship from SJ. Do an all inclusive resort there. But don't pick a cruise and then complain about the one you picked not being right for your vacation and blame the cruiseline for not creating an itinerary that is perfect for you. There are many options for vacationing in most resort cities, if this one does not meet your needs, find an alternative. Blaming RCCL for port times is a little like blaming them for cold weather on an Antarctic cruise or a hurricane changing your itinerary, I've seen both these complaints as well. Along with a demand for compensation from the cruiseline as though they had something to do with it.

Cheers, Neil