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Thank you wendy & sandy for your imput.I was aware about the name change and knew a bit about the ships.I already knew that they are nothing like the larger ships but the sort of thing I am trying to find out are questions like :
I was wondering how sociable these smaller ships are and wonder as they are very small ships do people tend to mix and chat a bit more in the panaramic viewing lounges or do they keep themselves to themselves.
Are the majority of those sailing, Norwegians or is there a mixture of nationalities ( I'm happy to travel with any nationality but its useful to know because if they are mainly norwegian I would try to learn a few words )
Is any vibration noticable at the back of the ship ? How rough is the sea likely to be in february ?
Besides the main itinerary port,the ships stop at more than one town for a very short time .....are passengers allowed off the ship ?
I am aware that not all cabins have a bathroom & toilet and would like imput as to whether they found it ok sharing bathroom & toilet with other passengers.
Also would be useful to know if the ships get very full in feb but I remember wendy suggested it might be peaceful at this sort of time.
As I said I am considering a cruise on one of these two ships and am aware that it will be different from any cruise I've experienced so far which is why I'm trying to find out as much as i can from those who have sailed with this line along the norway coast.
thanks jack