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I have a question for you Dave or anyone else who has experienced this. I overheard a conversation about how RCCL scans & searches ALL checked luggage for alcohol and not just carry on's. They said they have a special alcohol scanner??? and if the scanner detects any type of alcohol they rumage through your entire bags and detain them. I'm a little concerned because I carry rubbing alcohol (for my daughters syringes) are they going to tear apart all my luggage for that? I have packed it on my other cruises ( Carnival & Princess) I've even had a bottle of baileys which wasn't detected. Is this a new system RCCL has or is someone overexagerating. If so it must take forever to receive your luggage if they have to scan and check all bags? I know that they told me we were not able to bring a wine (we did with Carnival) or bottles of water or pop in carry on's which I can understand. When you are at port, if we bought a case of pop or case of water would we be allowed to bring it on board to keep in our room? Not quite sure as this is my first RCCL experience, by the way Dave I was able to talk the rest of our group into the cruise and they all seem very excited except for 1 who is still alittle skeptical but is willing to give it a go, I sure hope they love it as much as I do or I will never hear the end, oh god don't let it list. How are the seas going into San Juan? any rougher than normally??? Took all advice given and chose the Explorer we leave March 18.

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