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Originally posted by Chef Ken:
So Ron if you go to a restaurant and they drop your plate on the floor, you are okay if they scoop it off the floor and serve it to you anyway, right?

The service industry is all about paying hard earned cash (or however one comes by it,) for service. The better cruise lines are known for great service and the other ones are not. This is simply a forum to help people know from other cruisers what kind of service to expect!

I guess by your standards, people should expect less of an NCL cruise. I have sailed NCL and I think they do a fine job most of the time. They should be called out if there service is bad as should any other line.

All I know is that Celebrity will go twice as far to make their passengers happy as NCL will.
I expect the server to go back and get a new dish of food, and for someone to clean up the mess on the floor.
Good service doesn't mean the customer is always right. Good service often occurs when the server answers with a no.
If yes is always the correct answer, then teenagers should be served alcohol beverages aboard ships. But in this case, good service should require the no answer, imho.

In the case mentioned earlier, the mess was cleaned up. The lady in the wheelchair got to go on her shore excursion. Although we don't know if that endnagered other passengers, or if that shore excursion is considered much to dangerous for less mobile passengers.

For example, here's NCL's shore excursions with suggested activity level guidlines for Maui:
1> Haleakala Crater 1-Wheelchair Accessible
2> Haleakala Crater & Maui Ocean Center 1-Wheelchair Accessible
3> Maui Tropical Plantation & Iao Valley 1-Wheelchair Accessible
4> The Maui Ocean Center & Iao Valley 1-Wheelchair Accessible
5> Lahaina On Your Own 1-Wheelchair Accessible
6> Best Of West Maui Best Of West Maui 1-Wheelchair Accessible
7> Road To Hana 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
8> Kahakluloa - Secret Hawaiian Valley 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible
9> Atlantis Submarine 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
10> Beach Day At Ka'anapali 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
11> Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible
12> Pacific Paradise Luau 1-Wheelchair Accessible
13> Rainforest & Waterfall Hike 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
14> Haleakala Zipline Adventure 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible, Weight and Age Restrictions
15> Haleakala Ranch Horseback Riding 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible, Weight and Age Restrictions
16> Lanai Expedition - 4x4 Trekker 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
17> Maui Downhill Bicycling Adventure 3-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
18> Catch A Wave! 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
19> Kayak & Snorkel 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
20> Discover Scuba - Beginner 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
21> Turtle Reef Scuba 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible, Scuba Certified and Age Restrictions
22> Discover Windsurfing 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible
23> Haleakala ATV Adventure 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible, Weight and Age Restrictions
24> Discover Lanai Catamaran, Beach Snorkel & Sunset Sail 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible
25> Golf At Wailea - Emerald Course 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
26> Golf At Makenea - South Course 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
27> Golf At Makenea - North Course 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
28> Warren & Annabelle's 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
29> Golf At Wailea - Gold Course 1-Not Wheelchair Accessible
30> Haleakala Downhill Bicycle Adventure At Sunrise 3-Not Wheelchair Accessible and Age Restrictions
31> Haleakala Crater At Sunrise 2-Not Wheelchair Accessible.

Of the 31 listed shore excursions available, only 7 are listed as being wheelchair accessible. T/hat means over 75% aren't recommended for passengers requiring wheelchairs. There's age and weight limitations listed on several excursions too.

I suppose you think NCL represenatives should overlook them as well. Good service shouldn't mean "anything goes". Much consideration is given by NCL on listing these limitations and suggestions.

Should an individual employee decision overide company policy? I don't think so.