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Originally posted by Bem1962:
My son is going to the high school prom and then on the cruise, so I went on E-bay and bought him a complete tux for $ 100.00, cheaper than one rental , Just a thought then you own it
That was a great decision, to buy him a TUX. I did that many years ago and find that I wear it about 3 times per year. The TuX dress shirt wore out and my local tux rental sold me a spare for $20. Why would anyone rent at $85 -$100 when so many are available for less. I bet he will find multiple uses later in life, like friends weddings, and when he gets his chance to conduct the symphony or something.

And yes full kilt in battle array includes the lack of undergarments. It can be very cool. But the kilt is 100% wool and surprisingly warm if you can keep it under you. (On the ships I cheat and wear boxers)