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A cruise is the most relaxing vacation I've ever taken. Your responsibilities end the moment you unpack your clothes. From that moment on, you are pampered, fed, entertained and generally spoiled rotten. A cruise is a marvelous hotel that moves around and deposits you at wonderful destinations. At the end of each day, you come "home", dress up and go to supper and a show. You sleep like babies and wake up to a new adventure each morning.

On our first cruise, my husband and I had photographs taken. They were all really good. But the funny thing was that in each new photograph, we looked younger and more relaxed. It was so noticeable that our friends at home could put the photos in order.

I especially like cruises because you can do what you enjoy. You don't have to stay with the group. My mother-in-law can play bingo, my sister-in-law can lie by the solarium pool, I can listen to the band, and my husband can work out or go to the casino. We meet at a pre-arranged spot for lunch and we're all so happy. We might spend the day together or we might go our separate ways, but we all have a blast and no one feels guilty for doing what pleases him or her. If I want to sit on the balcony and read one day, no one minds because I haven't ruined their day. Or if my husband decides to spend the afternoon watching a movie and taking a nap, I'm not mad at him. I think it's cute and I'm off to do something that I enjoy.

I suppose my most meaningful moment on a cruise was the first night on our first balcony. I stepped outside into the vast blackness of the sea and sky and I was just blown away. Every inch of the ship was lit up, yet the light vanished quickly into the blackness. The stars overhead were visible like none I had ever seen. I felt so small but so much a part of everything. The beauty of this part of the earth was just incredible, and far, far more enormous than I had ever imagined.