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The following pilot program begins with the June 29 voyage of the CARNIVAL LEGEND:

We will add a new dining option to enhance our already popular Total Choice Dining. On the Carnival Legend we currently offer our Classic Reserved Dining program: the Main Sitting (1), Second Sitting (3), our Casual Bistro Dining in the Lido restaurant, and the Supper Club.

We will add an Open Sitting dinner option (U) in the main restaurant. Guests selecting the Open Sitting dinner option will have the opportunity to dine in the main restaurant anytime between 5:30PM and 9:30PM. They will be able to pre-reserve their dining time by contacting a special number from their suite or stateroom. Alternatively, they will also be able to walk up to the dining room during those times and request to be seated.

Guests who pre-reserve our Classic Reserved Dining (CRD) options (Main & Second sitting) will not be able to reserve Open Seating times.