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Overall we did have a good cruise without any major problems. There's no need to say everything was just wonderful as many people have already done.
The temperature problem was an issue with almost everyone in the DR so I never brought it up personally. It was quite obvious that the problem existed & they couldn't do anything to correct it during our cruise.
The balcony was an upgrade from an obstructed view so I wasn't complaining. We were forward from mid ship & close to laundry. Very quiet.
When we first entered the cabin it stunk of cigarette smoke. The first for a Princess ship. We requested a cleaning & it did some good but we really noticed a big improvement after a rug shampoo a day later.
The balcony partitions need total replacement when the ship dry docks. The aluminum frames are beginning to rot through from the salt and the steel edging below the balconies needs major sandblasting & repainting. They were chipping away above up during the whole trip which was causing paint chips to fall on all balconies. It didn't bother me.
The food was as good as most other Princess ships but I'd rate the Ruby & Crown to be slightly better. On the Ruby I was told they have a newer cooking process which really did a great job of tenderizing all the meats. I don't think they have it on the Grand yet.
They introduced a new show- Stardust on our trip which I thought was boring. It consisted of 6 to 8 singers on stage singing old tunes like Glow Worm & hardly any dancing. Really dull.
There was one juggler on our trip who wasn't the greatest. He was constantly dropping balls & pins to the point I felt bad for the guy.