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Hey Hank!

Good point. I've decided to go with Tom Ogg's train tour idea vs. spending a small fortune on the Cruise excursions. Doing my research, it was amazing the difference in prices between private tours and ship tours. You would think that these big cruise ships could get us great deals on tours, but in actuality, they hike the price up. After spending a good chunk on the trip itself and the price of alcohol on the ships, you would think they could through they're passengers a bone and give us affordable tours. But sadly, no. Most folks are willing to pay for the security of a Sponsored guided tour and I guess it's up to them to let us and reap the rewards.
Thanks, I'd been dying to get that out. I will thoroughly enjoy my Princess cruise, simply becuase I'm being advertuous and doing it on my own, plus the money I save on excurstions, I can spend frivilously on trinkets. Linda