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Taking a small crew (myself, 5 other experienced cruisers and 6 1st timers)to Nassau and Cococay on Monarch in two weeks and have a few questions for the forum. (yes, I have found bits and pieces of each answer in the posts but was looking for more.)

1.I enjoy but have not been to Nassau in years and have heard stories of it pretty much shutting down after the 6pm and becomes not too safe to wander around- any truth? If so, what do you recommend for a bunch of 20-40 somethings to do besides head back on board in the evening? We are a fun loving group and have a morning snorkeling excursion and an afternoon of geocaching planned all over the island ( because I know some of you are going to ask what it is!)Any recommendations of out-of-the-norm spots we should check out? We have until midnight in port.

2. This is my 1st time using shoretrips for an excursion; we are taking everyone on the 3 stop dedicated snorkel and was wondering: how everyone found the service level and snorkeling experience on this one to be? (sharks man, I gotta see some sharks!) and how about early Dec;water temp in Nassau?

Thanks everyone!