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Originally posted by IslandCruz:

I did a little research and the Dream and Majesty were both built in 1992, but the Dream is 50,760 tons and the Majesty is only 40,876 tons. So would be pretty small but not the smallest I have been on.

while you have posted what the gross tons of these ships are today, don't forget the Dream and Wind were stretched during 1999. Before they were stretched to 50,000+ tons, the Dreamward and Windward were only 39,217 gross tons. They were also only 624 feet long, less than the 700 feet length limitation to dock at St. George, Bermuda. Today they are 754 feet long, much too long to dock at St. George.

The Majesty was also stretched in 1999. The Majesty's gross tons was just 32,396 tons before it was stretched. It was also only 568 feet long; today it's 680 feet long. After stretching, it's still less than 700 feet long, which makes it ideal for Bermuda cruises.

Stretching these ships have kept them in service much longer with a major cruise line NCL. Otherwise, NCL probably would have sold/retired them years sooner.