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Hi everyone,
I haven't made my mind up yet , but it's for sure that I'm leaving on a cruise by the end of this year (maybe oct. or nov.). ...Since I'm young and free, I can manage it anyway I want it.
BUT, there's a big BUT..

I would like to take a cruise where there will be mostly young people.. or maybe....( I've come up with an idea).. making first a "virtual" group of friends and then go all together on a cruise, it would be fun!!!! I'm not thinking specially about "singles cruise" as my intention is making friends first of all. (By the way, I was told that Carnival's guests are mostly under 30, aren't they?)

So, my doubt is.... are there a lot 20-30 aged guys and girls who would consider this idea??

Or at least provide me the info when do usually young people under 30 go on these cruises.

I forgot to mention that I was thinking of Carribean Cruise.

Thanks in advance and look forward to "reading" you soon!