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An upper crust celebration of Christ-mukah, this is a top shelf way to get the family together for the holidays--which is exactly what the majority of the passengers were doing along with my extended family last week. The staff competes to please you everywhere in the boat, and, with the exception of a few English language deficiencies, they generally succeed. Get seconds on cold water lobster on formal night, Broadway quality shows, terrific shore excursions for scuba/snorkel, supurb classical and holiday music everywhere (except for brief lapes of rap and "name that tune" at the pool) and wonderful X-Mas decorations, florals and ice sculptures. Bring along the tuxes and provocative cocktail wear, as well as your highest end casual wear--most of passengers are an ongoing fashion show. There seemed to be many past customers repeating this cruise, as well as the families and fan clubs of the entertainers. On the down size, this is a smaller boat designed for the Panama Canal, so the deck and pool space is a bit tight (but still shiny and new). Prepare for constant marketing of everything from spa services to jewelry. Be prepared for sticker shock at the drink prices, unless you are accustomed to New York prices (many apparently were), except for the free Champaign fountain on the second formal night. I also would have liked more shore days rather than four sea days we had. Princess Cay has amazing tropical fish which you can even see and feed from the dock; St. Thomas has the best coral; and Saint Martin the best manmade reef (and shopping) consisting of five intentionally sunk wrecks. Locate Hitson, the bartender from Grenada for some great chatter; Sam, the Thai Stewart on the aft starboard end of deck 8 for total cabin comfort; and "Good Ol' Stew," a salty British M.C. who doesn't even look all bad in a tutu. Donít miss singer/dancer Lori Miller, Mr. Su the Vietnamese juggler/comedian, and singer Daren Lynton.
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