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Originally posted by Gatorgirl90:
This is my first cruise for my big 40th b-day! I'm excited to go, but have a couple worries/questions.. I hear the ship has self serve laundry rooms - which is great, but now I'm worried where they are. My room is on deck 9 9057. There seems to be an empty space near my room - is that where the laundry is? The NCL person told me is was just a storage closet. I figured it would be quiet. I asked another NCL person and they didn't know.. no one seems to know. Please, can anyone let me know if I'm right next to the laundry room?
Also, has anyone cruised in early November in Med (barcelona/Italy/France)? Will it be cold or rainy at that time? I keep hearing about laying at the pools and wearing bathing suits during the cruise, but it seems to me that it may be too cold for that?
If anyone can help - I would totally appreciate it.. just the first time cruise jiiters I guess!