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Originally posted by Dave:
No, RCI doesn't do that. In fact RCI generally doesn't get into the upgrade circus at any stage of the booking. What you booked is what you get 99.9% of the time. They also are perhaps the quickest to put the "no upgrades" sign at the guest relations desk.
Do they ever remove that sign?

I went to the desk because of a problem and just for a joke I said that I have a complaint. I said that I booked a inside cabin and was "upgraded' to a suite (a cabin that I was in) and was not happy because I wanted a inside cabin. You can't imagine the look I got from the rep and the rush of the passengers in line that were chomping at the bit to trade rooms.

Just don't understand passengers that say that they love and prefer a inside but are always looking for the upgrade to a balcony or better.