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RichC - I been on over 50 Royal Caribbean cruises and only remember a couple problems worth mentioning. One was on the Brilliance of the Seas when there was an area on our stateroom floor that make an oil can sound when you walked over it. We told our cabin steward about it, mentioning the fact that the noise is probably louder below our deck. Before dinner that evening we received a phone call from the ships staff requesting to stop jumping because passenger where complaining. We went down to the Guest Relations Desk - told them our story, and they put us into a Grand Suite. That's how they handled that problem.

Another was on a Trans Atlantic cruise on the Navigator when we were held in Lisbon, Portugal for 33 hours because one of the stabilizers wouldn't retract all the way in. The stabilizer had to be cut off. We missed two ports because of it, and I was compensated $500 without asking for it. I'm very pleased with how Royal Caribbean solved those problems. I've only been on two other lines, Carnival and NCL. I didn't experience any issues with them and had a great time on both.