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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
The answer he gave was "some say not a lot but - I'm in charge!"
I like a Captain who thinks like that!

Me too. It shows he has confidence in his officers and crew to do their duties without the Captain micro-managing things. To me a good Captain provides oversight and coaching and leaves the hands-on stuff to the crew, except in rare situations.

In the U.S. Navy, the day-to-day operation of the ship was the job of the XO (Executive Officer or second-in-command). I believe the same holds true with most cruise lines, where the Staff Captain is the XO.

I understand what you're saying, Dave, but he must also show it by his actions and decisions - not only be saying it in front of the guests. Most captain's I've been with are truly great persons, letting us do our jobs and give us responsibilities and at the same time letting us know he's available for us 24/7.

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