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Originally posted by macmom111:
on our Sept cruise we are flying and sailing on the same day.
We have always flown in a day early but this yr it just was not possible.
I got us the earliest flight out at 6 am arriving at 10 am.
Has anyone ever done this and had a problem?
I am a bit concerned now.
If flying in a day ahead simply isn't possible, then you obviously have no other choice.

In the good ole days, everyone flew in the day of the cruise. But was when there were about 6 cruise ships to choose from and 9,000 airlines to choose from. LOL

Unfortunately, available planes are so limited now that when one does go out for a mechnical failure...there simply are not enough "seats" to pick up the slack.

Weather, maintenance issues, a "sick out", pilots that run out of hours...not to mention just a "threat" of terrorism (one bag unattended) that can close down an entire airport and now the added Homeland Security rule that you must be on board the ship one hour prior to sailing..... are the reasons that most cruisers elect to go in a day ahead.

We do wish you the best of luck.