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I didn't find cruise-chat until after we booked flights and the cruise (darn!) and after reading posts I am nervous about this. We fly out of Oregon at 7 AM, arrive in San Diego by noon. Since the airport was only 5 miles or so from port, we felt this was a nice long window to get settled, since the Radiance sails at 5 pm.

Have you ever flown in same day?

Any familiarity with the San Diego airport? I know San Fran is infamous for late flights and we had trouble with that once...

We are taking cruise chat advice and decided to get travel insurance, anyway-just in case...CSA or Travel Insured look good, but any preferences or tips on what policy to get?

Most of all, my husband wants you all to reassure me with lots of "Don't worry! You'll make it!" so he isn't the only one telling me that