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Well it's time for my 2 cents on NCL. I thought it was good...not great...would NEVER do NCL again and here's why.

I go on cruises to try different foods. Thursday night menu in the dining room: Turkey, Beef Stroganoff, Baked Flounder. Sounds like a normal week at my place. Where's the new and exotic foods? Portions were very small. Yes, Cat, East/West IS very good...for $45 more!!

Drink prices are very high and so are photos. Much higher than Carnival. The shows were mediocre at best. They were performed well..but the shows themselves were weak. QUE NOCHE is an hour of latin rhythms...without ONE Santana song or ONE MSM song. In fact in 65 minutes, there was only one song I ever heard before. The last morning my wife ordered a banana in the dining room and we were informed they were out of bananas. HOW DOES A CRUISE BOAT RUN OUT OF ANYTHING????

I was in the talent show. They had their rehearsal at 12:30 Saturday afternoon...a little odd...why rehearse in the middle of lunch? So I went to the buffet for lunch at 11:30. Guess buffet. It doesn't open until 12. So my choice was hamburgers or hot dogs. Again lets compare to Carnival. They open for breakfast at 6. At about 10:30 they start transitioning to lunch. They certainly don't lower the drapes and close!!

And a word or 2 about freestyle dining. I LIKE having the same waiter every night. They get to know what you like and what you don't. Who wants coffee, who wants tea, etc. With free style dining, you get a different waiter every night.

Cat trust me...they are good, but they certainly aren't great. I have other examples too. Ask me about disembarking...and the photo shop.