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Hi mlsunshine, there is no need to bring an alarm clock, unless you just want to. You can always leave a wake-up call, it's fully automated, you dial the number, enter the time, and the phone will ring at that time. As for formal night, there will be everything from tuxedos and long gowns, to sports jackets and cocktail dresses. As long as they have a jacket and a shirt with a button down collar, tie, and dress pants they will be fine. You will see more tuxedos on Princess than other lines, but a jacket/slacks combination is fine. If they really don't want to dress for dinner on formal nights, you can always go to the buffet. But do try and make formal night, it's so nice. Also, it's a great opportunity for a good picture. The photographers do a great job, and the prices aren't that bad, unless you purchase every picture they take. Please let us know how you enjoyed the Grand, we're thinking about taking the Christmas/New Years cruise on her next year. Best wishes and have a wonderful time!