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Believe it or not, keeping food in your stomach will help with the nausea. I know it sounds wierd, but the sloshing of gastric juices can mean the difference between a little dizziness and hugging the tiny toilet in your cabin all week. I carried crackers and snacks with me in port, and on ship there is always someplace with food. I just made sure I ate something, even a little bit every two hours or so. It totally worked! Fortunately, a cruise ship is set up for you to eat something round the clock!

I used dramamine on my first cruise because I know I get seasick. The last cruise, I only had to take dramamine when we would be tendering or excursioning on a smaller boat. NOTE: If you are only going to be relying on Dramamine, take it EVERY 12 hours regardless. If you only need it for the smaller boats, take it at least an hour or two BEFORE you will need it to work! I made the mistake of thinking I was okay on the last day of my first cruise and let it get out of my system, and I paid for it.

If you get motion sick, you WILL probably be affected in some way on a cruise, even if it is just the dizies once in a while. It is NOT as bad as being in a car or on a small boat tho IMHO. I have always had balcony cabins either midships or aft, so I can't speak for forward or inside. I have heard forward is not a good idea because the bow bobs up and down riding the waves. I do not however know if this is true. However, between medication, homeopathic cures, and common sense, it WILL NOT keep you from having a great time, as long as you go prepared.