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We were on Liberty this past September. They do have baby sitting service IF one of the crew can be found by the customer service desk to do it. Also, if you have a large enough cabin to have concierge service, Mario Adonis Reyes is the concierge and MAY be able to assist. He is on Deck #10, and his extension is #3190.
I am one that found that the port was very lacking in it's ability to board and check you in. We got there before 11 am, and the lines were terrible, and moving like a three wheeled wagon, PLUS they got our on-board expense account all screwed up, and the fact that we had the biggest cabin on the ship didn't make it any easier to board. As I've said before, it's no wonder RCL is leaving Miami. We have usually gone on Mariner when she was at Port Canaveral, and have always had your basic balcony cabin in the past. Port Canaveral made Miami look like beginners. BTW, the ship is wonderful-once on board, you WILL love her. Have a great time, and try and have a little more patience than I had; you will need it.

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