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You'll love having a balcony to watch the world go by. The Alaska scenery is worth it.

However --

My favorite place to be while cruising the Inside Passage or near any glacier, is up near the top of the ship. You'll be able to hear the naturalist's commentary as it's broadcast over the Public Address system. S/he will be describing the history and geology of glaciers, Alaska in general, etc. Also, when on one of the open decks, you will find yourselves going from one side of the ship to the other as the naturalist describes different things visible from both sides of the ship.

Remember to bring binoculars and warm clothing with you, as it can get cold as you spend time near the glaciers. You'll still want to be outside to enjoy the full view.

It's possible that the naturalist's commentary may be piped into your cabin, but you probably can't hear it sitting out on the verandah with the door closed. The commentary is usually piped into at least one public lounge as well, where people can sit with a great view, warm up, order a drink, etc.
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