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Okay, Basically I am here to answer any questions that you might have...

First of all everything on the ship was awsome!

food: it is all free. The only thing you have to pay for is any alchol items. Either than that the food was deliciouse! WARNING:you may gain a couple pounds..

Packing: Dont worry! All you need to do is pack what you would normally wear. It was very nice weather on the ship, the only thing was at night up on the open decks it was a bit cooler and a little windy. But nothing to major.

Bathing: Everything you need to bath with was there for free in the bathrooms. The only thing you need to bring was conditioner. In the shower there was body wash and shampoo and aloso a block of soap.

Formal night: If you would like to go to firmal night thats fine, but personally, I dont think you should go in a t shirt. Its fun to dress up, have a little fun. If you dont want to go thats fine too, and NO you dont have to stay in your room. You could go to the buffeys and have dinner there. Formal night only takes place in the dinning rooms.

Tipping: If you would like to tip som one you must have change!!! you can not tip anybody from your sail and sign card. you can buy items with you card then pay for it when you get off the ship, thats pretty cool. But you can not tip with your sail and sign card.

Food: the food was fanominal. They hade anything you could ever imagine. Tons of virety.

Now if this helps you, please respond so I know I could be of help...Thak-you Meghan