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I would like to hear from some who have been on the golden princess in a scooter or wheelchair and how you got around the ship and are there push buttons for doors? Are the crew very helpful at getting us on the ship and off and my mom can't stand in line to long pushing me do to her knee problems and I can't use my arms for the wheelchair so will they help us get on early do you know? I am going to Hawaii and saw one tendering port but hope that's all and it said not well suited for w/c but I want to get off at all ports and can with assistance cause I can walk a little with cane. I would love to hear from anyone in a wheelchair or people who know about this ship how friendly it is towards w/c users, and are there many excursions that we could go on with a manuel wheelchai? If Holland cruiselines work better with disabled tell me right away if you can cause on the 8th I put down a large sum to hold my reservations and I really want to go to Hawaii and this ship actually had a 2010 reservation open.