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Originally posted by Spritfilled:
my niece says RCCL is for the older and more sophisticated group and the food is for that type of group
Tell your niece that must be why RCI has things such as rock-climbing walls, in-line skating, ice skating, flowriders, and full-sized basketball courts - so Grandma can knock out a couple of pickup games and then get ready for the surfing championships in Hawaii. Oh, and I forgot the H2O Zone and the heart healthy menu at Johnny Rockets!

As for Carnival being for a younger group? Eh, the demographic is not much different than RCI.

The food options and menus on both lines are essentially the same and are not aimed for either older or younger groups. Some things are done better by Carnival, other things are better on RCI.

I think the niece will be surprised at how "young" RCI can be.