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Hello everbody!
We are sailing with the Rotterdam on our honeymoon trip from Rio to Lissabon starting on April 1st for 14nights(verandah deck) I guess we are quite young: my wife is 22 and I am 28 years old. It is the first cruise for my wife and my 4th - but the first with HAL.

I have some questions and hope that somebody of the community can help us:

1) I learned different things about the quality of the food and cabins: Is it sometimes not so good as promised? What about the handmade chocolates in explorers lounge?

2)Does some problems arise if I bring a bottle of water or wine aboard when comeing back from a trip?

3) Can somebody recommend a specific cabin to us, which is especially quite and offers a fantastic view from our verandah?

4) Does somebody knows about the ports of Recife, Salvador, and the Cap Verde(Mindelo, Praia), as well as Cadis about their location and if it is possible to do a trip by ourown without a guided tour??

I really apreciate any information or tips&tricks concerning my questions!
Possibly I will have some more questions and bringing them up here into the forum.

Stephan ;-)