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One thing that should be mentioned, is that the doctors office hours are very few. It's open 3-4 hours tops a day (typically in two hour intervals). If you don't get there within those times, then you can expect to pay a "house call" fee which is almost double what the regular visit is. I got the impression that that the office hours were designed so you'd have to pay the extra money for a room visit. Not convenient at all.

I personally had to go visit the doctors office on the Grand Princess a couple years ago and it was a nightmare. First off, the doctor's office was not identified on any of the ships maps. We went to the Pursers desk to ask, and the first lady couldn't tell us, and the second one gave us directions which didn't take us there. So we ended up practically on the bottom floor of the ship (where the crew lives) and still couldn't find it. We stopped THREE crew members in the hallway to ask for more directions, and not one of them could understand a word of english we were saying. I was suffering from a 103 deg fever, nausea, and a stomach virus and was very weak. It took us the better part of an hour to finally locate it. I commented to my wife if this had been an emergency or if someone had to get there in a hurry, they'd be dead before they found it.

Once there, the doctor and nurse was very cordial. Suspecting it might've been one of the cruise ship viruses, they had me fill out a several page questionairre, and they ended up giving me a penicillin shot. I asked him if I was going to get charged for the visit and shot because there was a flyer in our room saying you'd get free care if you had any of the symptoms listed. He said he wasn't for sure yet (about the charge) but if I did, it'd be about $400. That about ruined my honeymoon cruise.

Fortunately, there was no charge, but the whole experience left me with a real sour taste about getting medical treatment aboard a cruise ship.

I did notice while I was there that they had a quasi-operating table in there, with all the typical life saving medical equipment.

Hope some of this helps, if anything atleast it'll give you a headsup on what to expect in case you need it!