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Hi Johnno,
We did'nt have a balcony, we used to always say we at least needed a window or a porthole, we used to sit in the window and watch the wake, we find it better on the lower decks for that, we were on 8 on Sun Princess and lower on the others. Now we don't even consider a window because the only time we are in our cabin is to shower, get dressed and sleep, so really we don't need the window or balcony unless we were doing a lenghthy cruise, cause you can only party sooooo much, by the way we are not spring chickens either, I am 51 and my husband is 40 so it's not like we are teenagers. Enjoy your cruise and make it what you want it to be. You either love them or not...we don't holiday international without a cruies included somewhere. By the way in my last post I meant that our friends cancelled their Pacific Sun cruise to go on Sun Princess, it was Sun Princess that we met them on NYE cruise.