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So glad you liked the NCL Star and took the advice on the day passes to the spa that we gave everybody here on The spa is a great deal, that many passengers over look. I totally agree with the review of the NCL Star pool. They could use another, but unfortunately that's impossible at this point.

Sorry to hear about the room steward, as this can happen. Glad you liked the entertainment.

We will be back on the Star in Nov 2009 for the Panama Canel transit L.A. to Miami. It's a great ship, and great executive staff. They really care about the ship and their guests.

In fact I just spoke to the Hotel Director Jean Michael Dehlin, today via email, as we made good friends on our recent cruise. We found everyone on the Star to be very friendly, but as with any crew, you just might run across a crew member that isn't so nice.

Sure would like to hear more about your cruise. Perhaps you can provide a detailed review. I would like to get your thoughts on the dining experiences. Food is so important to many cruisers. Did you experience any of the specialty restaurants? and if so, which ones? Your thoughts?