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Villefranche is a tender port so you can count on it taking some time for you to get ashore. Most cruise lines give folks on their excursions tender priority and unless you are a in a frequent cruiser with your cruise line you will be stuck in the usual queue. Most have you report to a lounge early in the morning and line up for tender tickets and you want to be there early. You have two ways to get out of Villefranche, one being the train and the other the bus. If you are going to the Flower Market you want to take the regional bus line towards Nice to the last stop (the Gare Routiere bus station) from where you can walk through the old town to the flower market. The main bus route is the #100 bus but there are also a couple of other lines that stop in Villefranche on their way to Nice (we think the #82 is another). You really do not care which line but just want a bus going to the Gare Routiere (just ask the driver). The bus fare is only 1 Euro per person paid to the you do want to have some Euros. You do have to walk a few blocks (some of it is uphill) from the port to the bus stop and you should just ask the tourist folks on the pier or any local to point you in the right direction. We like the bus better then the train because it runs more often, is cheaper, and that bus station is much closer to the old town then the train station. The buses do run about once every 10 or 15 min so you do not have a long wait. It is easy to get lost (not a bad thing) trying to walk from the bus station to the Flower Market (the streets in the old town are anything but straight) so you do want to download a street map of Nice...and do not hesitate to ask locals for help (most are friendly). You are going to the "marche" on the Cours Saleya so if you ask somebody that speaks no English just smile, look helpless, and ask for Cours Saleya