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Originally posted by Sky KIng:
It was announced yesterday that Star Cruises, parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line has disclosed that the SS United States will only be sold to a U.S. buyer and will not be sold for scrap.
So...this gives those trying to save her a little more breathing room...but for how long.
This isn't an indefinite offer and it's a long and expensive road to save her.
Until the ship is saved, assume that Star Cruises will sell the Big U to the shipbreakers in Brownsville, Texas. Star Cruises will treat the Big U in the same manner as the SS Indy and the SS Norway.

It just saddens me that the following ships are gone:

SS Topaz
SS Norway
TS Maxim Gorkiy
MS Regal Empress
SS Britanis
SS Southern Cross

I was hoping that most of them would have found a second life as a hotel ship. In 1998, I had a list of 10 vessels that I had wanted to see follow in the Queen Mary's footsteps as hotel/museum attractions in a major city. Of all the ships that were on my wish list, only the following has happened, with three pending:

SS Rotterdam V
MS Kungsholm-Pending
SS United States-Pending
MS Augustus-pending

What a crappy year it has been for the last classic ships, on top of the financial crisis, which killed the Maxim Gorkiy's chance to be the flagship of the Orient Line.
Dan Lague
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