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I spent several days in Israel when my Navy ship docked at Ashdod in 1982. But they never let us out in time for breakfast in town. I loved my time there. Wonderful people. I've never felt so welcomed at a port. A few of us went to Tel Aviv one evening and we couldn't spend our money no matter how hard we tried. People were buying food and drinks for us all night. It was the one time where I was happy that we were required to wear uniforms on liberty.

BTW, that Ashdod visit was also the first time I ate chicken hearts, gizzards, and livers. A man befriended us and took us to a place where they were grilling the above over coals on skewers. I didn't like the idea of eating them, but I also didn't want to offend our host so I ate them. Another food discovery for me! I think I downed 5 or 6 skewers of them.
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