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For those of you who participated in this site last summer, you may remember my entry into the world of cruising. We were planning a trip to Alaska, me and elderly mom, and I have to tell you --- IT'S ALL TRUE!! This is probably the most addictive (and thankfully legal) activity I've ever had the joy to pursue.

Following the fabulous Alaska, we did a 10 day Southern Caribbean in January and .....drum roll
here, have just booked a 12 day Honolulu to Tahiti in July with my sister, just us girls.

I keep thinking I've come about as close to heaven on earth as is possible (Half Moon Cay... oh, my gosh..) but from what I've read of the Society Islands, we have another treat in store.

It's so nice to be able to share all this delight with one another. Not to mention the help. Without all I've read on this site, I'd probably still be climbing in the car and listening to someone say.....are we almost there yet?

Now, we don't wanna know, because it means the end is drawing near and it's back to the real world with us! Well, cheers, everybody. Greetings to you 'oldtimers' Oppis, Carla, Tom, and all the rest.

September '05 Veendam to Alaska
January '06 Volendam to S. Caribbean
May '06 Volendam to Alaska
July '06 Tahitian Princess Honolulu to Papeete