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...which would indicate to me that you are of a different age group and are used to the older ships accomodations
Bad assumption. Just because I am in my fifties doesn't mean I don't like new ships and accommodations. I happen to love the Freedom class ships of Royal Caribbean and will be previewing the all-new Celebrity Equinox next week. Age and cruise experience is inconsequential. Doing one's homework about a ship one has not cruised on is consequential.

I'll admit we probably got off on the wrong foot, but there is a reason. It is quite exasperating to have a first time user come to this forum and their first post is full of complaints. We've all seen it so much that many of us get weary of it. As was mentioned earlier in this thread - if you had dropped by before the cruise perhaps we could have educated you about the Holiday so you'd be better prepared. Instead we get the "after action" report when it is too late.

If anyone cares to look they will find numerous messages in this forum - including many from me and other staffers - which are critical of all the cruise lines. We are not a bunch of shills. We are about fair and accurate assessments and information.

For the record I am retired and never worked in the travel industry. I just happen to like cruises - so much so that, like all the other staff members, I volunteer my time to manage this forum. None of us gets a cent in compensation, from either the forum owner or the cruise lines.

Now, let's move forward. Enough has been said here. Many of us like the Holiday, you don't. Come November it will be a moot point.