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Just an update: I called Carnival. Everything looked OK on their computers. Of course, they have not received final payment, because I won't have to submit it until next week. The Carnival vacation specialist (or similar words) on the phone said I must deal with this travel agency I booked the cruise with. I must submit the final payment to this travel agency based in Phoenix (not Carnival). And if this travel agency in Phoenix dissapears like it's local branch here in Orlando, the vacation specialist said that "Carnival will look into it". So I just have to keep my fingers crossed. I suppose I have some protection since I paid with credit card. I was able to complete the "Fast Pass" at the Carnival website online. So maybe that is a good sign. The website also lets you now complete the Sail-n-Sign application on-line. But only if your cruise fare is paid in full (which is not the case with me). Hopefully it will be soon.