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I visited Island village last month, and for one thing, it's not a very short walk--my husband has mild MS and we found a taxi back--for just $3. We were on the road (sidewalk) before 9am, but were still asked to buy weed (twice) to have my hair braided and to look at at least a half dozen "crafts" being sold from the backs of peoples shacks.

Once there, all was mellow. We got to watch the vendors set up and the shops open--not in any hurry..Jamaican time isn't like American time. 9:20? Close enough.

Margaritaville was fun--lots of college kids getting their shots from that back-bend pour. Guy was "hot" as my daughter would say--but had the worst teeth! M'ville souveniers are very expensive, and you had to pay to use the "public" beach, so we didn't bother. Not sure how to find Lobster Dave's--don't you leave the complex to do that?

Got to say a phrase I don't think I'll ever have a chance to repeat though-- "Honey, can you come out of the men's room and give me the camera? There's a lizard on the toilet in the ladies room". Little bugger even posed for me!

All in all, Island Village was fine--just what I expected...a safe way to pick up a few teeshirts and be able to say I'd had margaritas at Margaritaville.