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Camp Carnival was a huge success with our family!! We were on the Legend in March withour 2 & 4 year old. They did great... it helps I think that they were in the same 'group' so they were always together. The kids went to 'camp' every day for a few hours and our 4 year old asked every night after dinner if he could go back to camp!! We did one shore excursion & left the kids on the ship, we also did two dinners in the supper club and had the kids at camp during dinner time. the staff were all so fantastic, they were caring, loving and so kind! Alex still talks about Miss Irina!! They give you a detailed schedule of all activities listed by the half hour. I have to say every time we showed up, they were doing exactly what the schedule listed. They made friends and really enjoyed Camp Carnival. Best part was that my hsuband and I got to 'date' while on vacation! We came home, relaxed, happy and more connected. This would have not been possible without the children spending time at Camp so we could spend time together!!
Hope this helps!!

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