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See above: main reason we were not impressed with Dunn's River Falls. It was like running through landmines to get from the top of the falls to the tourbus. The falls are neat, and I am glad we saw them. I am a fast walker and don't make eye contact--but it isn't a fun or comfortable feeling.

Remember: this is a third world country. Unemployment here is 30%. Tourism and agriculture (legal and not so legal) are the only game in town. Take a ship's tour, or a tour through an insured organization like Ocho is one of my favorite ports for its unbelievable beauty (like plantlife, rivers, gardens, ferns, waterfalls) and best enjoyed with a layer of protection provided by being in this type of group. We did river tubing and loved it--all the guides were so helpful and wonderful with my kids. Same for a horseback ride we did with Hooves (through Shoretrips). There was a market stop where some people were set up (while dry tack goes on the horses) but they stayed in their areas and were very nice when we weren't shopping. They were not allowed to harass "Hooves" customers or drive them off. We had a wonderful time.
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